A few weeks ago I was scampering around Facebook when I came across a blog post that stuck with me.  My good friend Jenny from Lavender Hill Weddings + Events wrote a post on her blog about why you should hire a wedding planner.  Seems simple, right?  At first I couldn’t put my finger on it as to why this particular article hit such a chord with me.  Then I got it:  hiring a wedding planner is pretty much exactly the same as hiring a photographer.  As much as I want to regurgitate everything that Jenny wrote, I’ll just let you read the article:)

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Let me start off with I don’t normally talk like this, but engagement is worth an OMG moment. How exciting for you, for your new fiancé, for both sets of parents and everyone who loves you. Now it is decision time. Besides picking a wedding date one of the most important wedding planning decision you will ever make is to decide is whether you want a wedding planner (and to acknowledge that sometimes you may need one even more than you want one) So why would you want or need a wedding planner? Here are some guidelines that may help you figure out if you need to reach out and get some help…

  • You want to plan a fantastic, thoughtful, fun, thoroughly unique and “you” event!
  • You are incredibly busy… maybe you and your fiancé have high pressure careers and travel tons, maybe you are in grad school, or maybe you have schedules that are constantly in conflict with getting stuff done. Either way wedding planning takes an immense amount of time and energy (400 hours on average –10 full time work weeks – yeah… think about it…Holy Moly right??)
  • You are totally “In Love” with him or her but you are NOT “In Love” with planning a wedding.
  • What do you mean there is a difference between coral, orange, peach???
  • You live out of town, state or even the country. Over half of my clients are coming back to Wisconsin for their wedding. Sometimes they were raised here, often went to college here, usually have family here, but they almost always live a plane ride away.
  • You are not a good decision maker… That’s A.O.K! You would be amazed how many high functioning people who make important decisions everyday are completely stymied by wedding planning decisions. These challenges can apply to large beautifully orchestrated wedding events and to the small, intimate, wedding evenings and dinners… no matter what the event, there are always tons of decisions.
  • You just want some help.
  • This AMAZING Dear Sugar advice column applies to you! A Shimmering Slice of Your Mysterious Destiny

Okay, so say some of these reasons apply to you. Picking your wedding planner is very much like picking your hairdresser, doctor, shrink (please take no offense health care professionals) or attorney… you want somebody you are comfortable with, who you understand and understands you back, who will advocate for you, listen to you, be creative for you… and is genuinely someone you want to spend the next 4 to 18 months working very closely with. THIS STUFF MATTERS … just because you have met a wedding planner doesn’t mean they are the right one for you. I am not the best fit for everyone… my energy level is high (some people translate that in to intense or highly caffeinated); I am direct and pull no punches; I will be the budget police; I really try not to, but I kinda have a potty-mouth, I am incredibly transparent… But these same reasons are often WHY I AM A GREAT FIT… I am passionate about my work, I LOVE what I do, I consider myself an installation artist with contract savvy. I am high energy which means I don’t fizzle out 12 hours into one of the most important days of your life and I am one heck of a work horse. I don’t pull any punches which means I will advocate for you, BOTH of you, be honest about decision making and make sure you understand the options in front of you. I do swear… but I use it carefully (unless one slips by) and I tend to tell pretty funny jokes. I will hold your hand, I will nurture, I will make sure your wedding day is true to your love story.

So… if you need someone that is a low-key-cultivate-your-path-kind-of-gentle-planner I am not her (but I know her and will be happy to refer you)… and if you need someone who is “Just the Facts Ma’am” kind of Joe Friday Planner (you know that amazingly professional, uber talented, lets-just-get-to-business-planner) I am not her either, (I am a little to squishy, bubbly, let’s get personal type of person) but again, I know her too and I am happy to introduce you.

My sweetie clients Dave and Meredith (who celebrated their 1 year anniversary this past October) summed me up as this:

“Jenny offers a keen sense of continuity and stability throughout the process, wrapped up in a package that is equal parts big sister, intuitive designer, slap-stick comedian, and bulldog.”

So if this is what you want… then I am perfect for you. I am a wedding planner because I want to help. I want to be there with you on your wedding day, fixing your veil, handing you your flowers, making sure you are not aware or worried about the weird things that will inevitably go wrong (but I won’t tell you until we grab a cocktail after you get back from your honeymoon), I want to make sure the only work you and your family do on your wedding day is have fun and learning the Wobble, I want to hear you and the love of your life exchange a lifetime of promises to each other … and I want to dance and eat cake.

Now just for some self-indulgence… these are some of my favorite behind the scenes Jenny the Wedding Planner moments… you can see why I love my work <3

Happy engagement my dears… I hope to talk soon. signature


Jenny Sligh
Wedding Planner & Designer

Lavender Hill Weddings + Events
4601 Monona Drive, Suite 101
Monona | Wisconsin | 53516

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I’m extremely fortunate that I work with an AMAZING network of wedding planners from the Madison and Wisconsin area (… and a few other places around the country!)!  I love being able to refer my clients to these ladies and know that in every aspect they are taken care of:)

  • January 23, 2015 - 10:39 am

    John - thanks for great post. yes one should be hiring a wedding planner for wedding as its one time event in once life.

Wedding and Portrait Photography Workshop and Styled Shoot

Greenville, South Carolina

February 20, 2015


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I am literally going to share with you everything! 

  • How to market to the clients you want!
  • How to identify your brand and ensure your clients can identify you!
  • Poses, angles, frames, and camera technique during shooting!
  • Improve your time management with culling and editing!
  • Complete your client workflow from inquiry to product delivery!
  • Networking, marketing, packaging and so much more!

Be prepared to be rejuvenated and inspired! We’ll meet in Greenville, South Carolina (address to be given to attendees) starting mid-morning. Our morning will include many visuals and hands-on learning tools as I share techniques on how to be successful in your business. You’ll be shown ways I’ve found success (and had failures) in finding my target client. After lunch (which will be yummy and included!), I’ll demonstrate how to speed up your culling and editing workflow, and create a beautiful product and package to delivery to your client.

Then it just gets better! In the afternoon, we’ll head over to a beautiful Stylized Shoot complete with gorgeous setups and spectacular models to work with directly!! I will be demonstrating various poses, compositions, and frames to push your creativity to new heights and help your build your portfolio. Details galore will round out this beautiful scene that we’ll photograph until dusk.

Still want more?

Join me after the Stylized Shoot for dinner (not provided) and an open Q&A session. Really, ask me anything. I am an open book to your needs!

Attendees will not only receive lunch, but loads of swag and all the tools you’ll need to be successful in 2015 and beyond!

What you really need to know:

  • Bring your DSLR camera with your favorites lenses (I recommend at least one 50mm prime) and a laptop computer capable of editing if you would like to get your hands dirty with editing techniques.
  • The Workshop will run with no less than 4 people and no more than 8 people. Seriously, I love small groups!
  • This Workshop is being taught by Bobbi Petersen of The Salty Peanut Photography.
  • Your investment is $500.
  • $250 is required as a retainer with the remaining balance due 14 days before the workshop.

I can’t take it!!! What do I need to do??!

Click HERE to pay your retainer! Welcome packets will be mailed out roughly 3 weeks before the workshop!

I hope to see you in Greenville :D